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Sony Analogue Extension RCA Conversion Cable


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Sony Analogue Extension RCA Cable for Sony Televisions


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Was 15cm long, now AVL487 1.5metres supplied.

For a composite connection, use this Analogue Extension Cable (DVD Players, Gaming Consoles, VCR's, Video Camera's, etc)

Works with Models:

KD-65X8500C KD-75X8500C KD-55X9000C KD-75X9100C KD-55X9300C KD-65X9300C KD-75X9400C

KDL-43W800C KDL-50W800C KDL-55W800C KDL-65W850C KDL-75W850C

KD-49X7000D KD-55X7000D KD-65X7500D KD-43X8000D KD-49X8000D KD-55X8500D KD-65X8500D KD-75X8500D KD-85X8500D KD-55X9300D KD-65X9300D KD-75X9400D KD-65Z9D

KD-43X7000E KD-55X7000E KD-65X7000E KD-43X8000E KD-49X8000E KD-55X8000E KD-55X8500E KD-65X8500E KD-75X8500E KD-49X9000E KD-55X9000E KD-65X9000E KD-75X9000E KD-55X9300E KD-65X9300E KD-55X9000F KD-65X9000F KD-75X9400E KDL-32W660E KDL-40W660E KDL-49W660E

KD-55A1 KD-65A1

KD-55A8G KD-65A8G KD-55A9G KD-77A9G 

KD-55A8H KD-65A8H

KD-55A8F KD-65A8F KD-65A9F KD-55A9F

KD-65Z9F KD-75Z9F


KD-55X9500G KD-65X9500G KD-75X9500G KD-85X9500G

KD-43X8000H KD-49X8000H KD-55X8000H KD-65X8000H KD-75X8000H KD-85X8000H 

KD-55X9000H KD-65X9000H KD-75X9000H KD-85X9000H KD-55X9500H KD-65X9500H KD-75X9500H 

KD-43X80J KD-50X80J KD-55X80J KD-65X80J KD-75X80J KD-43X85J KD-50X85J KD-55X85J KD-65X85J KD-85X85J

XR-55X90J XR-65X90J XR-55A90J XR-65A90J XR-55A80J XR-65A80J XR-77A80J XR-50X90J XR-55X90J XR-65X90J XR-75X90J XR-83A90J

KD-43X80K KD-50X80K KD-55X80K KD-65X80K KD-75X80K

XR-55X90K XR-65X90K XR-75X90K XR-85X90K


XR-75Z9J XR-85Z9J

XR-65A80K XR-55A80K



XR-65A95K XR-85A95K

XR-65X95K XR-75X95K XR-85X95K

KD-43X85K KD-50X85K KD-55X85K KD-65X85K KD-75X85K KD-85X85K

KD-43X77L KD-50X77L KD-55X77L KD-65X77L KD-75X77L

XR-55A80L XR-65A80L XR-77A80L XR-83A80L

KD-55X80L KD-65X80L KD-75X80L KD-85X80L

KD-55X85L KD-65X85L KD-75X85L

XR-55X90L XR-65X90L XR-75X90L XR-85X90L XR-98X90L 

XR-65X95L XR-75X95L XR-85X95L

and more!

Optional plugs and cables available - refer to Accessories below.


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Sony Analogue Extension RCA Conversion Cable

Sony Analogue Extension RCA Conversion Cable

Sony Analogue Extension RCA Cable for Sony Televisions



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